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 With our system, all you need is a stage, your own puppets, speakers and a computer! See our Set Up page for a guide on how to hang a flat screen monitor behind your puppet stage curtain.

 Your viewers will be impressed immediately, and the best part is that there is no paper to rustle. No microphones are necessary! You won’t have to think up a script each time you want to do a show!

   We’ll even give you free plans on how to make puppets exclusively for Christian use. Also, an instructional DVD is available for purchase to aid in puppet construction.

It’s our vision to make scripts available which are going to promote good Christian values in an entertaining way to children. Our scripts are generally short and last less than 5 minutes.

IMPORTANT: Using our original method, if you want to download the script to use offline, you must also download the accompanying .MP3 file with the same or similar name and place in the same folder as the original .html file in order hear audio. Audio will play automatically when clicking on the .htm file.

  Doing puppet shows has now become even easier
with automatic scrolling!

A small thing we do at the end of all our shows. It helps the kids to remember this scripture- Philippians 4:8!

Audio Track



If you use our shows, please send us your feedback! We would appreciate knowing if anyone is benefiting from our efforts. We’d love to hear from you!

New scripts added on 02/20/2020

Click this link  to follow us and we will notify you every time a new script is added!

All newly added scripts use a totally new approach which requires the download of a free media plugin. It’s called MiniLyrics and it’s available at www.crintsoft.com. It’s compatible with about any media player you can think of.

This plugin will also automatically find lyrics online to songs on your computer and automatically scroll them while the music is playing. (The lyric window can be closed if not desired while listening to music.)

Instead of using an .htm file in conjunction with an .mp3 file, this new approach allows for only the .mp3 file to be downloaded. It has the script (or lyrics) embedded into the one file. You can make fonts bigger by holding down the ctrl key & rolling the mouse roller.  The old system will continue to be supported as long as it takes to convert all previously posted scripts to the new system. (Below)

Video on Set Up page shows how it works!

‘Curtain Call’

Clicking here will play the accompanying audio file

A small description of each script

When this red circled icon is present next to a title clicking on the title plays the .mp3 file. You must right click on the title to download the .mp3 file in order to have it  scrolll automatically after installing the plugin!

Guide to download page

Clicking here will load the script